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I just hope to share my knowledge with all who are open to it...

Me in one word:  Genuine.

            I've come to learn…the more complex life becomes, the more complex the communication it requires.  It's been true ever since the beginning of man's quest to evolve.  We use gestures, body language, and other subtleties to convey discrete messages, but verbal language is the tool that allows us to directly deliver and share our message of knowledge, inquiry, desire, and/or awareness. And despite our highly developed intellect (in contrast to primitive society), we are surprisingly incapable of using words to communicate A FEELING.  We are at a loss while we sound out those mere noises that a word cannot grasp, like: ooooo, ahhhh, and awwwww!   But to overcome that, we use poetry as a tool to convey that certain tone or feeling.  The words don't even have to make sense!  They just convey the mood...still quite limited and imperfect, but nevertheless the closest way we have of communicating a profoundly complex circumstance of the human condition.


Together, the heart and mind make up the intellect. The intellect is the most important and strongest trait that distinguishes us as the human race, apart from all else. We have the ability to not only feel, but logically reason about it too. Seeing as how this valuable asset has led us to superiority among life, wouldn't you agree that it is the best basis for connecting with another person. I find that intellectual connections are the ones that last forever, to survive the less significant mistakes between people engaged in social or intimate interaction. You can dislike someone's opinion and still maintain the intellectual fortitude to choose to not let that petty difference stand in the way of your friendship. Someone lacking this asset will crumble at the smallest Jenna did. She only saw it as an attack on her.  But she has got to learn to accept the bigger picture of things in life when she is ready to understand. Until then, I cannot be the one to show her; she must discover that on her own.


I believe that the human species is selfish by nature. We are born to survive. It's just the way life is. Sometimes i feel like me wanting to help people is for selfish reasons. When i help someone it helps me because i feel good about myself and it makes me want to help more people. But i realize that this is a good thing. It's actually a good thing that since it is something that cannot be overcome, to channel it in a positive way. Use a bad quality for a good purpose. Selfishness can motivate us to do good things.

People can be selfish by wanting to have lots of money, but that can then become a good thing because you will have a lot to then give to others. Giving is a good thing. So selfishness can lead to good things. I guess i needed this entry so that i wouldn't let the selfish factor make me stop helping people. So that i made myself understand that i'm channeling it for a good purpose.



"Everything that drives the human race that makes us one of a kind is because of the intellect, not because of a response to a stimuli..."


-Joe Mangini