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Begin looking at the world for what it really is...

It's something we learn about in philosophy--universal truths.  There are universal truths that are objective.  But isn't it ignorance that lets us interpret what we do not know as something SUBJECTIVE?  I believe LOVE is one of those universal truths...however, since others are ignorant of the truth of love, they feel that it can be known and interpreted subjectively by all people.  However, I feel that all they’re doing is covering up what they don't know and acting like they do know. I understand what love is...but I don't ever know if I can understand what God is.  That doesn't mean I stop trying to know.  God is the reward of a lifetime of searching for knowledge.


Since truth is objective, we may then say that one's UNDERSTANDING of truth is SUBJECTIVE.  Evidently, as a consequence of this statement I am forcibly humbled to admitting that my understandings of things are no more important than anyone else's, even though I may feel that they are because of the fact that they validate big chunks of my life that I have been striving to clarify.  There is no physically verifiable way of knowing with absolute certainty which view stands correct or to be corrected...but if different views are describing the same story, just in different ways, then who's to say that any one way is any more valid than the other?  In my string theory link, you'll see that there were five different equations to describe the same principle...each equation led to different resulting circumstances, but once they pulled back to take a better, more logical look, they saw that these five equations were really five different mirrors all reflecting the same thing from different angles.  My goal is to help others realize this very concept.  We are living in a world which reflects one ideal objective truth in a variety of different mirrors.  We can either pick a mirror and choose to follow it as truth, accepting whatever fallicies correspond, or we can choose to take the step back and find out exactly what it is that these mirrors all reflect...