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by:  Joe Mangini

~Dedicated to you and only you~

You make it hard to breathe
I'm yours
You take my heart off-beat
I'm yours

I've known you forever
Since mere days ago
Now i'll hold you and never
Ever let go

Would you believe
If i said you're more beautiful
than fall changing leaves
horizon of crimson gold
Your eyes are the seas
Reflecting the stars up in heaven
My angel of an ever soft breeze

Take what you want
I'm yours for the taking
But you've earned more than that
your love is the loan i'll pay back

Would you believe
If i looked at your face
And saw what i see
When i gaze into outer space
at ever rising value
of an even more infinite grace
my soul knows that i've found my final place
and it stays here with you

i love you dearly
my true beauty
my soulmate
my guiding light
my one unchangeable star
in an everchanging sky of day and night,
you're always there even when i can't see you
and i love you for shining so bright

Copyright 2005.