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Social organizations = social disorder + self-degradation...

          My latest major life experience I've had that taught me a valuable life lesson was pledging a fraternity.  I won't lie.  A lot of good came out of the experience, but only because in the end after taking all my money and working me to death, they didn't let me in.  That's right.  I devoted MY valuable time and money to a bunch of strangers that I socialized with out of obligation--and to NO AVAIL!  Not my idea of making friends.
          I guess though I learned a valuable lesson about myself and society.  I have to appreciate that.  The question of joining a fraternity has to do with self-worth.  Am I strong enough to stand on my own?  Or do I need a group of people surrounding me to make me feel more "powerful"?  The fact is, if you choose to join a fraternity or sorority, you have just downgraded yourself from one WHOLE strong standing self-dependent person, to a socially-dependent, smaller unit of a whole.  The statement:  "We are stronger as one," must hold true for those who are not independently strong in the first place.  If those kinds of people live their life in this way, then they are only cheating themselves out of developing strong inner beings and diverting their focus away from developing successful collegiate priorities.  It takes the focus away, and blurs the vision of our purpose here.
         I strongly discourage any college student from joining these organizations.  If it's not enough that there are more and more greek-related deaths every year, not to mention the hazing (even though they say they don't) it for yourself.  Stay strong.  Don't join.  The fraternity I pledged for a while was Pi Kappa Phi.  This was known for its higher academic achievement and its non-hazing policy.  It turns out, on the last ritual night before the others were iniated, these "brothers" true colors showed.  Since the Chapter Advisor was no longer supervising, some of the brothers took it upon themselves to get carried away...I won't say how.  But in the end, after all I went through and all the effort I put forth, they rejected me.  The only one in history to GET rejected, I hear.  I hear I wasn't SOCIAL enough. Or maybe I wasn't INSECURE enough for them.  So, is that what they VALUE in a person?  I'm not worthy as a person because I'm not SOCIAL ENOUGH?  Well, I got news for you!  I've got friends!  REAL FRIENDS!  And I don't need to use them to feel good about myself.  So, to most of the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi:  FUCK YOU LOSERS!!! :-)