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A logical approach in a philosophical sense...

Did you ever get that burning sensation in the pit of your stomach? Was it when you did something wrong, or when your bf/gf did something so unbelievably touching? I believe that feeling you get, right before something bad happens, or whatever the case, is our sixth sense, the soul. Our soul is the part of us that connects with the ones we love. It is the part of us that comforts our minds and hearts in times when there's no one else, it is the part of us that tells us to do what's right, it is the part of us that rewards us when we do do what's right. A healthy soul gives positive life to the body...stay healthy in more ways than one. Learn to listen to that feeling you get--let me just stop right there. I hope i don't get someone that tells me that the soul is a's not. The soul to my knowledge is an invisible driving life force connecting the spiritual realm to the physical. I don't know exactly when or how a soul exists with in a human, i wouldn't think that souls could be created, it's something i can't comprehend, but i can still theorize. Maybe souls have always existed with the universe, they are certain spiritual energies that infinitely divide off of a major source...that could explain God. So that would then mean we all have little pieces of God inside of us. So then, has God made us in his own image in this way? Is God the purest existing entity of energy/knowledge/consciousness? Maybe, just maybe if God exists, he only does so in the spiritual realm but uses that part of him in us..the soul.. to reach over into our realm. This is an amazing thing..there are so many theories that can explain things, but only one we can choose to believe.


My problem with this is that i would not then know how to live my life accordingly. If God is the a pure existing entity of energy/consicousness/universal truth, then how is someone like me who is not of that nature supposed to even acknowledge the creator? Doesn't worshipping it seem kind of irrational? Shouldn't we just be thankful for the donation of life to us? I don't think a spirit would get much satisfaction out of anything we could do to honor it, except by living our lives to respect our souls and take care of that little piece of God.


What if that budding off of souls from God that i mentioned earlier was a result of the BIG BANG or what if it WAS the big bang? That would mean that God is located at the origin of the universe...and if the budding thing is true, then our souls are what ties us to the universe and astrology shit and stuff like that could very well be true.


I've been thinking more about my soul theory. Here it is. God=center of big bang-->universe is created-->first men and women are original soul(s)that bud off from the source-->at conception each soul buds off from the man and woman to merge into one new soul in the child-->at death the soul is released from its ties to the physical realm and makes a journey back to where all souls original soul came from. It's like an infinite soul cycle. It could scientifically explain what going to heaven really is...My favorite high school teacher referred to the soul as the very special animating principle inside each of us that is the same in everyone--the one thing unifying and rooting us together despite the innumerable complex differences between individuals.  That makes me think...if souls do "rebud" and reform during conception, then that must mean that the very first souls of God are still in us today...uniting us to all who came before us eventually to what we could refer to as the "Adams and Eves".  The whole thing about carrying down original sin--we really carry down original SOULS.  In fact, even though this new soul didn't come directly from God, since it is part of the original one that did (because of the budding and remerging), it is in turn just as tied to the source as all others before it.  And that is why it is ALSO destined for the journey back.  That's my theory and I'm stickin to it. :-P


There's something that i'm beginning to realize in my process of logical thought about the spiritual parallels extremely similar to the symbolic and metaphorical understandings of religion. Going to a Catholic high school, i've grown fond of the definition of hell as the eternal separation from God. And in my terms that basically says when we die and our souls are released, if we have lived a life that we chose to ignore where we have come from and never realized it, then we cannot possibly know it after we die to make the journey back. So if we can't make the journey back, the universe is so vast that we would most likely be lost for all eternity, not being able to find our way back...and not even knowing we had to...and that would be because we wouldn't have understood now that after we die we do have this journey to make. If you die and don't know you're on the journey, you don't make it, so what else can you do but roam the universe, loitering all eternity unreunited with the Original Soul. That is hell, my friend. Also, hell is pain. Pain was defined in my sophomore english class as the separation of things that are meant to be together, or once were together. This obviously applies here seeing as how you are not reconnecting with God. So hell is eternal spiritual pain. And this loitering around after death could explain why people see ghosts or as some say: lost souls. This is all very logical to me. And as i've previously stated our souls as being the connector between realms, this would be the reason for seeing ghosts. Our souls are the eyes for the spirit world. They connect from the spirit world to our bodies in a subtle way in order to give us limited access into that world.

Now that i see things like this i sort of hate the way religion has taken the reality and made it into something so surreal that it's so hard to understand logically and accept as truth. Basically somebody centuries ago understood things like i do, but didn't present them in this manner...the thinking in those times was so unsophisticated and juvenile that people believed things that we nowadays view as absurd...and we're still making advances as far as that goes. But to present and argument like this back then would most likely mean you are put to death. So, i believe that the only way these people who wrote the Bible and discussed God could get the truth out to people is by presenting it in such a way that people could accept...a way that was appropriate for the time period, but that i feel is no longer adequate in today's understanding of things. Today's lifestyle is ruled by as Billy Joel would say it, "Science and Poetry"...a very logical way of understanding objective truth. Back then, you tell someone the earth wasn't the center of the universe, or in some cultures that God is NOT the sun, they would have you put to death. So that is where i feel we are today. I've said before, love is the one unchanging thing in a changing world, well maybe religion is too, but i think we as intelligent beings should turn away from the illogical fairy tale approach and start reasoning and things will all start to literally make sense...we wouldn't need faith, trusting something we can never believe without doubt. I think that my views are very real and that someone just like me knew back in "Biblical" times, but was forced to present it differently due to sociological behavior of that era.


I asked someone reputable for some advice on the way i present my thoughts on the matters of the heart and matters of the universe. They made me aware that i may sometimes sound "preachy" in my approach. I apologize for this. I did not intend to make it seem as though it's my way or no way...or that everyone else is lost. In fact, here's what i think about that statement.

Spiritual knowledge is objective, yes, but it is also subjective. This means that there is only one actual answer but many ways of reaching it. Or one ultimate goal and many ways of getting there. It is perfectly okay that many people differ in various ways when it comes to their ways of understanding and methods of acknowledgment of God. The fact that they DO is grounds enough to say that they're NOT lost.

It's what i've said before. Live your life in a way that acknowledges God and doesn't ignore the guidance. Essentially that's what religion does...but with a lot of extra "spices and seasonings" in my opinion. It's decorated to make it seem more important. The fact is it's very important, but just the simplicity of it can make it seem like it's not. Maybe that is why religion is the way it is. Maybe if all the obligations and special occasions are to appreciate its importance, then wouldn't you say religion isn't such a bad thing after all?


Before I close this topic, I want to make a clear definition of what i think a soul is and contrast between the difference between a soul and a spirit.


A soul is a fragment of spiritual non-matter set in a physical being interconnecting that which is physical to that which is spiritual.  A spirit is a single non-matter entity that is not locked in to the physical world, but can communicate to souls from its alternate realm in order to contact the physical.


With these two definitions it makes it easy to understand a lot of things that people are skeptical communicating with the dead. My dad told me after his good friend died he had a dream. In the dream he had a conversation with the man, the man told him that everything was great now. The guy looked good again. It's like that man's spirit reached my dad's soul to comfort him. Isn't that profound?