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by:  Joe Mangini and Josh Dober

we roast the finest Arabic beans
we say that with pride
but we don't know what it means
our wild bean boasts
a slow roast process
to eat it w/ toast
or wild grown mosses
if you want a full bodied coffee
we've got your bean
it comes with free toffee
if you know what I mean
its a jungle out there
so tame it with wild beans
even if you get attacked by a wild bear
no one will hear your screams
its so good it'll make you snore
like a moose or a foghorn
it'll keep you beggin four more
when you wake up
he'll come right up to your face
quack quack, I'm scrooge McDuck
and he sprayed it with mace
So I was knocked out
down for the count
and when i woke up
I smelled Brussels sprout
it was Brussels pot pie
baked by my uncle Russel
I'd give it a try
if my stomach had more muscle

Copyright 2004.