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by:  Joe Mangini

it's a shame that words can't explain
how i feel in my heart as i search for a way
for a magic charismatic flame to ignite you
but this is all that i can write you
no words could be good enough for you
it's a shame that a song has to end
if i had it my way i would sing it forever
but it wouldn't even come close to expressing it all
take all that i can give you
although it won't be enough for you
with every syllable it gets less describable
the way it's intangable intrigues me
a smile from you feels like sunshine from heaven above
and your eyes are a gateway into a world of true love
you're as close to perfect
for me as i'll ever get so
i'll stay there beside you forever
only if you hold on and you never let go

Copyright 2003.