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by:  Joe Mangini

lately we've been having problems
it seems there's nothing that can stop them
i'll find myself a hole and burrow deep
in some ways it's like you've transformed
i'm not sure i know you anymore
tonight i'll pray before i go to sleep
take the doubts away
make these thoughts all dissipate from inside of me
guide me to the greater good
and let me be the best that i can be for you and me
we grow up we gain perspective
but sometimes it goes unrespected
when we're demoted in priority
win some lose some that's how life is
i don't know what the better side is
cuz winning you i've lost my sanity
there isn't a free pass
that's gonna get you into grown-up land
your way is earned through hard experience
but patience is the door that has no key for you and me
Jesus Christ I pray
shed some wisdom on this empty jar of answers
lead us to thy greater good
beyond our petty acts of vanity
get us through this phase
lead us out of the darkness and out of the haze
get us to the place we ought to be
and watch us as we learn what life can be
i didn't always say
everything that there was to be said
but holding on to you is the
greatest thing i'm thankful that i ever did

Copyright 2004.