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The Hurricane
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Written by:  Aida Orduno
Edited by:  Joe Mangini

          Blood seeps from my breaking heart as it falls upon grief stricken ground; Confusing thoughts cut through my mind like a hurricane on an open sea…

I have found myself imprisoned in the eye of the hurricane, there is no way out…sitting in the middle, calm and serene, but surrounded by the madness of the outer edge…trying to resist the chaotic backdrop for only fatigue, as I give in to the horrid Sound of madness…

One day, there will be no open sea Left and I will be Free of the madness.  I’ll find out that I am free and standing on my own, the world is at my feet and not around me…

That is when I’ll realize that there is a great change in my life that I shall have to bear with…

That same moment is when I’ll find myself hurting inside…

Copyright 2005.